If you find that conversations with family and friends no longer help you, or if you find certain behaviour patterns in yourself very disturbing, then in many cases coaching, life counselling or psychotherapy are a way to find solutions to your life situation more easily and quickly.

A statistical survey from 2016 by a web-based employment agency shows that al-most 25% of employers offer coaching as a benefit. Another statistic shows that only 1/3 of the coaching content from 2013 and 2015 consisted of "hard" topics. Two thirds of the topics revolved around issues such as self and stress management, conflict communication, self and external perception and the like.

Even if you shouldn't always trust statistics :-) and your topics are in the foreground in our personal work anyway, these figures show that similar topics arise in both the working world and in private life and should be dealt with in a context-specific maner.



I offer coaching, mediation and psychotherapy in the heart of Bonn.

Psychotherapy or Coaching?

Deciding between coaching and psychotherapy depends on several factors. Above all, the question is helpful: Are you dealing with professional or private issues? If you are more interested in psychotherapy, and it turns out that you only want to solve a specific situation for your professional life, then the process will be very goal-oriented, as in coaching. If you are coming for coaching and it turns out that deeper patterns are at work, after all, then you are in good hands with me in any case. In further steps we will look together whether you would then like to go to a specialist (e.g. if you want to tackle addiction issues), or how we can change the goal of our work together, or whether you would like to leave it at coaching for a selected issue.

In different situations, different inner parts and sides will be active, and as indicated in the section above, the line between psychotherapy and coaching is sometimes rather fluid. This makes a second question also very helpful: Do you feel sick? Or “only” emburdened? Since I work with self-payers, I do not want or need to turn a “lovesickness with sleeping problems that also affect my ability to work,” as it can happen, for example, with separations, into a “depressive adjustment disorder” to settle with a health insurance company. I can therefore accompany you in your concerns with respect and esteem for your painful experiences, without the need to provide a diagnosis with its possible stigma. At the same time, the methods I use are highly effective for your personal development.

Which topics can I support you with through coaching or therapy?

If you are looking for solutions to conflicts, be they professional or private. This may mean, for example, that you find it challenging in your role as a manager to formulate difficult feedback, or as a parent you want to deal with your children differently, or as a couple you are looking for a different way of communicating.

If you want to be able to express yourself differently. There are many people who feel that they "can't get across", can't express or defend their position.

If you want to deal with your emotions. You may often feel dissatisfied and want to understand the background to this.

If you feel you have to make a decision but do not know which one is the right one.

If you want to invite more laughter and joy into your life. Sometimes you have settled down in your life, everything is somehow already fitting, but in every-day life you forget to perceive the "beautiful" and "good" and to enjoy it.

Both for coaching and psychotherapy I work on account. For psychotherapy, value added tax is not applicable, and for coaching the value added tax is shown on the invoice. In any case I keep to the usual rules of confidentiality and do not pass on information to third parties

Where, how long and how much does a 60 minutes session cost?

I offer a framework for intensive and creative processes in Bonn. As an in-house measure I offer coaching nationwide. The duration depends of course on the individual requests. Depending on your needs, up to ten sessions of 90 minutes each can be necessary to feel deeper changes. However, many of my clients come four to five times at two to four-week intervals to work on a very specific topic.

To work seriously, one cannot predict exactly how a coaching or therapy process will go. You can decide at any time how often you want to come. 

My hourly rate for private individuals is €130,00. Whether VAT is added depends on whether you take advantage of psychological consultation or coaching.

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